Monday, April 16, 2018

giant flying geese

Once in a great while, when the seasons are changing, I'll hear distant cries.  I quickly run outside to witness the majestic site of a flock of geese, migrating to some distant location.  For a few moments, time stands still, and my heart sings.  

 Giant geese

This is my new "go-to" fast quilt, and a great option for donation quilts.  I can get one done in 6-7 hours (maybe faster for you, I'm pretty slow),   a good "purge exercise".

The idea is to use as much of a fat quarter as you can.  So I've done 17 inch squares, but 14 inch is my favorite.  When time is of the essence, it's an easier size to work with, and I like the finished look.

I was skeptical about this tool, then I tried it ...  it is amazing!  No ink showing through, and it is easy to see.  Available at the big box or your LQS.

I dug through my box of "left-overs" to make the back.  A left-overs box is what happens when you divert from pattern directions frequently :)

If I don't have much white fabric in the top and back, I use my batting scraps, spray basting them well so they stay close until quilted.

 My current go-to free motion quilting design has been this big scroll with a large empty center.  After it's washed, the middle puffs up creating a nice contrast, and soft finished feel.

10 light fat quarters
10 dark fat quarters
or 20 - 14 inch squares 
66 x 54 finished, washed

What's your favorite quick quilt to make?



  1. Love the colors on this one! I've never tried using batting scraps without sewing them together first. I'll have to try your spray baste method, because the sewing is very tedious on batting.

  2. A very pretty quilt. I also love flying geese. I also have pieced batting, sewn together. Spray basting may indeed work better.

  3. That's a fun quick quilt. I don't have a quick quick pattern, I tend to hand quilt so nothing is quick about it :)


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