Friday, May 11, 2018

Journey of a cutting table

The idea of incorporating this dresser into a cutting table has been in the planning stages for years, and it has been quite the journey. . . .

which started with some major bribing and pleading (homemade chocolate chip cookies) . . . 

a table top from Ikea

some muscle power and big tools, and more bribing . . .

and some creativity.

I needed to incorporate the dresser cuz it is full of fabric, and I didn't have room for both pieces in my sewing room.  

I absolutely love this antique blue.  And since my husband won't let me paint the whole kitchen in it, this will fill the niche.  (he probably knows he'd end up being the designated painter :) #hefinishesallmyprojects 

gotta have new hardware!

"Pleased as punch" describes the mood around here.  I think my family will be happy when the newness wears off, they're getting tired of me pulling them into my sewing room to show off these beautiful details (talk about my new table)

Time to put the fabric away.

What do you use for cutting your fabric?  Are you still taking the cutting phase of your quilting projects down to the kitchen where the counter top is taller?  or are you just dealing with the sore back?


  1. What a fantastic makeover!! Great job!

  2. Wow! Your table turned out great! I cut my fabric on top of the built-in guest bed. There's a big piece of plywood under my mat to make it firm and stable. The bed is counter height, so it works well.

  3. What an awesome addition to your studio! I have an ikea unit I turned into an ironing station and I use one end of it to cut on.


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