Monday, September 17, 2018

figures sampler - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Last summer, I started seeing all these fun blocks pop up on IG from Tula Pink's sampler QAL so, afraid I'd miss out on the fun, I jumped in.  It was loads of fun seeing all the blocks pop up each day.  

I borrowed my friend's Tula Pink's sampler book.  Instructions have their place :)

"Figures" by Zen Chic had been sitting around waiting for the perfect project.  

I see some Cotton and Steel thrown in there too.  

And some Carolyn Friedlander

I loved the freshness of each block being different.

I was going to town making all these blocks but after a while, it was getting too crazy for me.

  After seeing Robin Picken's version here,  I decided to start going in a different direction. . . more of an "organized chaos". . . .

pulling each color outward to their own corner.

It actually went much faster at that point because I found my favorite blocks (which are usually the easier ones) and made them in 5 different colors.

Sometimes I just sewed a bunch of scraps together and called it a block :) . . . My quilt, My rules :)

I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt it.  There isn't much I can draw . . .

But I can do numbers.  So I drew a bunch of random numbers in random directions.

You may notice that the quilting is not continuous.  

The reason why this quilt took so long (a year!), is that I buried all those beginning and end threads into the middle of the quilt.  Thank goodness for the tennis open and some other championships that were going on.  

There probably aren't too many 8's in there since there are 6 threads to bury on that one.

This just may be my new favorite !!!

Have you entered a quilt in Amy's quilt festival???



  1. I really like the organized chaos for the setting! I haven't found many sampler quilt settings that I like, but this one is great.

  2. What a fantastic way to quilt this piece! I love those numbers. Woo boy, though, all those threads to bury. Congrats on a wonderful finish :)

  3. I just ran into you and your quilt on Pinterest and I must say that you inspired me in a way I cannot explain. I want to run not walk to my fabric stash and cut and see and play with wild abandon. I cannot thank you enough. I have to run!! Ha ha ! Oh PS... didnyku habe any inspiration from Gustav Klimt? It reminds me of his painting the kiss. So so so inspired. Thank you

  4. What a cool quilt. I just stumbled upon on your blog a couple of days ago and posted a link from my facebook page to this post because I love this quilt! I also love how you hung it on the side of the white building with peeling paint. I think that adds so much to the esthetic of the photo. One friend told me it reminded her of Robert Rauschenberg and another of Klimt as well. I don't make quilts very often. My passion is quit history. But I did make a quilt that hung in IQF in Houston this past Nov. and again in March in Chicago. Just google 1876 Centennial Quilt Project. It should pop up. My blog is called Quilt History Reports. Again, kudos for your beautiful quilt!

  5. wow...just wow! LOVE LOVE LOVE! THIS is spectacular and has my thoughts going crazy! I've got to finish a few projects then this will be my biggie to start 2020 with! Can't thank you enough for the beautiful inspiration!


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