Friday, September 7, 2018

kittens around quilt

I'm not a cat person, but after being commissioned to make a kitty quilt (paid for in kisses by my grand daughter :) and finding this darling pattern, I was good.  

These mini design boards came in very handy with all those pieces.   Lori Holt has a great tutorial on youtube if you want to make yourself some.   They are very helpful when it comes to moving pieces around especially when you're limited in space.  

whiskers are paper pieced...
At the last minute, I decided that I didn't like the dark kitty on the bottom, so I switched him out.

favorite kitty ...

Search #kittenaroundquilt on IG to see others making this quilt.

LOOOOOve the triange border

Who can resist the waste created from making flying geese?  Not me!!  I put them all on the back.

Do you see the cross-weave pattern created? (try squinting)
I got the idea here from Carrie Nelson's blog, aka "Miss Rosie Quilts" (been waiting for years to shamlessly copy Carrie's pillow!!)

My new "go to" fast quilting design???  modern loops.  Easy Peasy and FAST!!!  All you have to do is mark a line across your quilt every 6 inches or so .

fabrics are from everywhere
back is flannel (Hanover)
batting - warm and white
gray is Kona Ash
pattern is "Kitten Around Quilt" by Pen and Paper Patterns
quilting is "modern loops"

You can find the pattern here


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  1. I’m a cat person and I love the quilt! Such a sweet pattern! I love that your kitties are all on their feet and nor turned around!

  2. How very sweet! Thanks for the visit. I cannot reply to you, you show up as a no reply blogger. :(

  3. What a darling piece! The new, replacement kitten does work much better. Sometimes we just can't tell what will work until it's all sewn together :)

  4. I'm not a cat person either but I love this quilt!

  5. I unfortunately I am allergic to kitties. But this is one sweet quilt! thanks for sharing the pattern.

  6. What a darling quilt!! I am a dog person, but cats will do in a pinch. ;-)

  7. sqeeeeee! this is sooo cute! Thank you for sharing! it is going on my bucket list for sure now!


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