Wednesday, September 5, 2018

aprons for a tea party

If you want to have a tea party with your grandchildren, because they're all in one place at one time and they have cute wedding clothes cuz their uncle is getting married ...

you make them each an apron so they don't get their special clothes soiled.

crazy you say???  

No.  It's called "wedding mental therapy". . . .

cuz the mother of the groom has minimal responsibility with maximum anxiety  . . . yes, it's a choice :)

 no patterns ... just winging it.  easy peasy.

besides, I needed a new apron.  Don't you love ruffles?  they hide everything add depth :)

chicken nuggets, carrots and string cheese . . . . what else would you expect at a tea party with Nana and Papa??

maybe a cucumber or 2 :)

what's in the teapot you ask???

water, of course :)

 a little incentive at the end for the participants . . . . keeps everybody happy.



  1. Such a lovely idea, especially with the special aprons!

  2. Super cute. Chicken nuggets wouldn't do here since we have vegetarians in the family. I only have 9 grandchildren and most of them have aprons (uses just one fat quarter and the cut out armholes make pockets.)

  3. What an adorable idea - you're grandkids are too cute! And no, you're not crazy for making all the aprons. They make for a fun memento!

  4. How adorable. Looks like a lot of fun. Some fantastic photos, too!

  5. What adorable photos! Of course the kids are so cute all dressed up, but my favourite is your ruffled apron:)


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