Sunday, January 30, 2011

Connor's Rear Window

Last year, our 17 year old son Connor, discovered the beautiful, Gracy Kelly.  Alfred Hitchcock's famous film, "Rear Window", became his favorite movie.  You have to see it to understand the name of Connor's quilt.

I used Kate Conklin's tutorial on fussy framed blocks

 labeled with Heather Ross, of course.


  1. This is beautiful and he has good taste in movies and actresses :-)

  2. We watched that movie for the first time recently. It's a good one! I love this quilt. Perfect fabrics and pattern for a boy. I think it is much harder to quilt for my boys than for my girls for some reason! Too many pretty florals, I suppose! Anyway, love the colors you chose, and your binding is perfect.

  3. A very fun quilt that creatively captures Connor's favorite movie. He's a lucky young many to have such a great mom!


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