Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rice Warmers

Have you ever worried about keeping your heating pad with you in bed while plugged in all night?  Looking for the perfect solution?

For Christmas gifts we made Rice Warmers.  You can use them in place of a heating pad for soreness or cramps.  You can take one to bed with you on a cold night.  If made correctly, they can stay warm for 20 to 30 minutes.  
Pick 2 coordinating, pre-washed fabrics.  I found some in my Heather Ross stash.  Flannel works well, though a tight weave such as poplin, gives a light feel to the skin:  
 Lay your fabrics right sides together, cutting both at the same time.
 Using your rotary cutter, cut 2 - 8.5 x 14 inches.
 Sew around 3 sides, leaving a smaller end open.  Trim corners.
 Turn right side out, and press.
 Turn under unfinished edges and press.
 Fill with 8 1/2 cups rice (largest size grain you can find).  Sew 1/8th inch seam along pressed opening, double stitching at beginning and end.
Put your Rice Warmer in a clean microwave for 3 1/3 - 4 min.  You will have to experiment on the time.
We made some with pannels, but I don't think they'll stay warm as long.


  1. These are wonderful. How nice to see a pattern to make these. I have always just sewn up a bag, filled it and sewn the end close. I've had one come unsewn before, so maybe if I make one with your method it will stay together better :-) I love them in the bed to warm my feet in winter and on aches and pains! Thanks for visiting my bird blog, and yes, the birds are all in my yard.

  2. Cute little warmers! You have a nice little fabric stash there :)


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