Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ANNOUNCING: Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival

When I first started quilting, I came across Amy's Quilt Festival for Bloggers.  I was so captivated by the quilts, and it motivated me to be a part of the next festival (semi-yearly), so I learned all about blogging and started a quilt.

Here is the button for this fall's festival . . . I like the design!  It's such a fun place to show off your work, and to see what others are doing.  I challenge you to prepare a quilt for the show.  You can't have previously posted about it.   SEE BELOW You have 8 weeks!

You can learn about previous festivals by looking for the bottons on the right side of my blog, or by looking under "Labels".

I STAND CORRECTED!!    And it's so exciting!  Because this morning as I posted this, I thought I was going to need to start and finish a whole new quilt, or wait 2 months to show you REUNION @ MIDNIGHT.

So, Amy says that you can use a quilt that you've already blogged about, but you need to write a new post for it.  She doesn't want old posts. YES!!!

Entries from  previous festivals:


  1. When you say "You can't have previously posted about it" you mean we have to write a new post during the festival, right? I was under the impression (from previous festivals) that we were allowed to enter quilts we had previously blogged about, as long as we wrote a new post specifically for the festival. Is it different this time?

  2. I'm with Tiffany- I didn't think it had to be a brand new unseen quilt!

  3. Thank you Tiffany for contacting Amy. You're right . . . it can be a quilt that you've previously blogged about, but the post has to be a new post. I'M SO THANKFUL!!

  4. Oh I love this! I've been needing a new goal to keep me focussed and this just might be the one!


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