Thursday, August 9, 2012

wip - Reunion @ midnight

I've procrastinated long enough.  This quilt goes to college in just 13 days, so now I have a real deadline.  Have you ever marveled at how much faster you work at the end of a deadline?  IT'S AMAZING !!!   Today's goal, finish the top.

It's been a busy summer with all the normal stuff and some extras added in,  kids moving, babies birthing, odd trips . . . . .

Its' time for a quilt finish.

A thought about cousins I recently read on FB . . .

"Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children.  No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins do, even if you haven't talked too much lately."

I've thought a lot this year about the cousins that I grew up with, making forts in Grandpa's hay barn, running through corn fields, riding old tractors . . . until recently, I hadn't seen them for years.  This quote is so true.

We had a photo opp of a new generation of cousins in our family, I have to wonder what that quote will mean for these 2 in another 20 years.
Some of you may know how long it takes to get 2 infants fed, burped, diapered, clothed, re-diapered, re-clothed and happy at the same time for a 60 second photo opp.



  1. babies and quilts!!! (if only there were a dog added, then it'd be a perfect post) love that quilt - i agree on the deadlines - and love the cousins pic. they are sweet, and hopefully will grow up appreciating "first friends". :-)

  2. That quilt looks awesome!! I'm sure it will learn a whole lot at college and make you proud! ;)

  3. Your quilt is lovely---as are the babies!

  4. I'm in the same boat re: the (as of now) unfinished quilt that is going to college in just 13 days - yikes ! I need to get moving on it and also finish the college apt shopping that's barely even started ! My youngest (who was just the size of those 2 cute babies yesterday , I swear) is leaving the nest on 8/25 --- I am SO not ready in every sense of the word!

    P.S. LOVE your college quilt by the way!

  5. You can do it!! I know you can . . . I've seen it happen.

  6. I like the vibrant colors you choose. Looks great, mom!


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