Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wip - quilting/binding reunion @ midnight

quilting . . . My FAVORITE part!  

I have always loved how the quilting on Sunkissed Sally turned out.  Random spiraling circles with the centers left untouched.  Those center circular blanks really pop out and help to create a softness to the quilt.   I wanted to see if I could create the same affect with triangles on "reunion @ midnight".

For a cleaner start on quilting words, bring up your bottom thread, back stitch a few stitches then move along your letter, going back to clip those threads, or for the invisible look, fish them into your quilt.  Letters will be more defined if you go over them twice.

If you are using a print font and not cursive, move along the bottom of the letters to the next letter.

Thoughts on binding:
Hand sewing the back of the binding gives a classic, finished look.  You can skip the clips and pins holding your binding till you have time to sew it down by stitching your binding with the largest stitch your machine provides.   It may take you days or weeks before you have some of that precious  "hand sewing time" to tackle the back of your binding.

Trick:  If you sew your binding down with that long stitch, you will have to adjust the tension on your machine since you are going through multiple layers.  BUT!  if you don't change the tension, you will get a stitch like the one pictured above, which is MUCH easier to remove once you've completed your hand sewing.



binding technique

Do you hand sew your binding?


  1. Hello, I was reading your blog and spotted the HQ Sweet 16 on the side bar. I recently came across this type of quilter here in Australia and loved the concept but was hoping to get away from the basting by pins. How do you baste your quilts?
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs
    Your 125th follower :)

  2. I was taught how to baste from the best . . . Nettie at "a quilt is nice", taught me now to spray baste on my garage floor. I use Taylor's Spray Basting, 505 works great too. I never have liked the idea of having to undo a bunch of pins while I'm concentrating on the quilting part of a quilt. It's hard enough to keep the stitches consistent even when stopping and starting.

    1. I never thought of using the garage, mine is just so dusty. Sorry, one more question if you don't mind. I watched the Utube video that you are linked to and wonder how you would scale the degree of difficulty using the machine to quilt a queen size quilt? 1 being easy, 10 being difficult.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I want to make the right decision as I will only get to make one purchase.
      Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. I am SO envious of your FMQ skills...lovely!

  4. What great tips! Love your idea to baste the binding. The navy thread you used on your triangle quilt looks awesome. I am always afraid to use a thread with such contrast to my fabric for fear it will be "too much" but your quilt looks really great. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. Thanks so much for the tips! I am still getting acquainted with my HQ Avante. Every little bit helps!!

  6. Love the quilting. It looks really great. The quilts are beautiful (what I'm seeing of them). I am in love with the Sunkissed Sally! So pretty!!

  7. Great quilting, I love the way your triangles worked out! I have only just started quilting, so I love finding people who are willing to share their tips and wisdom! Thank you!

  8. Oh my...what awesome FMQ skills you have! I love the Sunkissed Sally!

  9. I love the Sunkissed quilt! And it never occurred to me to baste my binding down, I'm always fiddling around with those dumb clips. You're a genius!

  10. I love the thread color contrast!


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