Monday, September 10, 2012

purchase vs. purge

Today's purchases:
One would never guess that I'm in a "purging season" of life.

I finally found a new line of fabric that I like.  It's a little more feminine than the modern fabrics, but not a floral  . . .yeah!   It's "Farmer's Market" by Brannock and Patek for Moda, beautiful, isn't it?

 I'm going to make another "Miss Rosie" pattern, Ginger Belle (this link sends you to Amazon, open her book, and look on page 18).  Hopefully it won't be as hard as the last one of her patterns I made.  

For a baby play quilt w/ raggy binding.

cleaning up all the Reunion I come across. . .

I want to make this card trick quilt only using the Reunion line like this one:


I love this picture I took last week.  It's my nephew Calvin, waiting for his 5 siblings to come home from school.  Every time the door bell rings, he RUNS to the door.  It's his first year without a sibling at home during the day.


  1. Aww, little Calvin is so precious! My daughter did the same thing when her 5 brothers went to school ; ) I really like the card trick quilt done in reunion.

  2. Beautiful fabrics! You almost make me want to quilt again... :)
    Is that Marilyn's Calvin? Are they back in Houston?!

  3. Your new stack of fabric looks absolutely delicious! Funny how fabric can do that to a person. It will look great with the quilt pattern you've picked out. I also like the card trick pattern, too.

  4. Oh...poor Calvin...I have one of my littlest trying to call them on an iphone. Saddest thing ever with his big brothers gone!

    And WOW. Fabric much?

  5. Return! Julie. With your amazing card making designs, I'm sure you'd make some beautiful quilts.

  6. Beautiful fabrics, such pretty patterns on them.

  7. Love love love the card trick quilt. How can I get the pattern? Thank you.


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