Tuesday, February 18, 2014


What do they call this?  eye-candy?  a stack of 6 inch pre-cut hexigons . . . 

 . . . randomly sewn together.  How easy is that?

. . . pretty fun actually, till it comes to sewing the rows together.  Then, it gets pretty tedious.

 Marking the corners as instructed with the provided template does help . . . trust me.

I'm not sure about it . . . but I'll keep going.

And then last night, for some random reason, I decided it was time to break into my coveted, secretly protected, untouched, highly invested in, Heather Ross fabrics that have been stored in a cool, dry place.  Maybe it's because I was looking at her new book coming out soon.

I wanted this museum print so bad, I had 3 family members bidding on it during a vacation.  It cost me our grocery budget for the week.

I have a whole pinterest board with HR pins of fun small pieced quilts but most of them take away from her artistic designs.

Then, when I recently saw this quilt that I made several years back, I realized it would make a fun HR quilt, show-casing her designs. 

So, those are my wip for this week.  Do you have any projects you've made with Heather's fabrics?

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

figs back & quilting

Stacked coins for the back:

I've had this pantograph design (for long-arms) that I've wanted to use.  Isn't it beautiful?  But I don't have a long arm.  

It's designed by Benay @ Beany Girl Quilts, manufactored by WillowLeaf Studio

My first method was to trace a row onto thin tracing paper made for quilters.

Then I pinned it on and quilted the first row across.


 I didn't want to go through that whole process 10 more times.  So, I made a stencil.  Yes, I traced it and cut it out with my tiny scissors.  I think there's a tool that would have made that MUCH faster . . . (note to self: must look into that).

. . . tracing onto quilt with disappearing pen . . .

 quilting finished . . .

So, a question to you free motion quilters out there . . . is there a better way to quilt a specific pattern that is too long to must memorize in your head?  What have you tried?

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