Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

tanner reunion - bloggers quilt festival

Tanner Reunion just may be my most favorite quilt thus far.  I love the colors of Sweetwater's Reunion fabric line and I also love how they look with Kona Stone.

The pattern is a mix of log cabin blocks and charm packs, all sashed in kona stone.  

Quilting is organic straight line quilting.

I free motion quilted my nephew's full name along the border.   

You can read more about Tanner Reunion in this post.

I made an extra square, and covered some bottons.

These buttons are very easy to make with some of your scraps.

I covered a canvas frame with linen and secured a block that I quilted, for a wall hanging to go with the Tanner Reunion quilt.

A BIG thanks again to Amy for putting together this blog festival.  Take some time to enjoy the other entries.  And of course, we ALL love comments :)  That's how we know we're not just talking to ourselves.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas wash line

So, I started this quilt top last summer.  It's not very big, those squares are about 14" big.  I want to add some of this line of fabric to make it bigger.

Maybe a checkered pattern with some 2 inch squares then a wide border.  I just think this fabric is so darn cute . . . "Christmas wash line".


Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you pin?

I love pinterest, I used to love filing cabinets.  I envied people who had lots of organized files about any subject.   But now I have a house full of closets with filing cabinets filled with papers that I rarely look at.  I'm in the process of cleaning those out :)  . . . maybe even getting rid of some.

Pinterest works well for visual people like me.

I'm sharing with you my favorite boards, some of which are for quilting.  If you want to learn more about the pictures I've displayed, you can click on the board title which takes you to pinterest.  Find that picture there and click on it.  It will take you to the original website.

Quilt Inspiration:  I keep pictures of quilts that I like that I either want to try to make or that will give me inspiration to pull from as I design a new quilt.  This quilt is made with Sweetwater's new fabric line, Mama Said.

Free Motion Quilting Ideas  -  I keep lots of FMQing ideas here, including from my own projects.  It's nice to have a quick reference so when I've sandwiched a quilt together and am ready for FMQing, I've got options to look at.

Quilting Tutorials - obviously where I keep tutorials that I want to hang on to.

Current Project - This one I'm a little embarrassed about.  Sometimes I purchase fabric online, and by the time my dutiful mailman brings it to my door (which is usually only a few days),  I've forgotten what I was going to make with it, and it just ends up going into the abyss of my stash.  So, I pin it, then write in the notes my intentions for it.

back for play quilt w/ "Peek Hour" for Suzzie's baby

Also, if I see something on a blog that will help me with my current project, or an up-coming project, I pin it into this board.  It's my most favorite board, currently :)

I've been collecting fabric to make this quilt by "film in the fridge".  I can also quickly look at this pin if I'm in a store and trying to match colors.

Quilt Backs - Looking at other quilt backs I've seen that I like helps me get ideas for my own design.

My projects  -  is very helpful when I'm in a store, need to match a color and need a quick reference on my smart phone.  Or someone wants to see one of my quilts.

Linky Parties  -  I put the day of the linky party in the first line of vision, so when I'm quickly looking for a party to link to, there they all are.


Favorite birds  -  I absolutely love this bird, the Tuft Titmouse.  He runs with Chickadees.  Occasionally he stops at my feeder that is stuck to the window where I quilt.  It doesn't happen very often, probably during migration time.  When I see one, it's a reminder that God sends beautiful, intricate  things my way to remind me of the delicateness of life, and that He loves me.

Open House  -  I knew I was going to be having an open house, so I created a board just for those ideas.  I wrote specific notes for myself about the things I had pinned.

assign out fruit, bake cookies 1 wk ahead and freeze, use Andy's recipe

Funny  -  A great place to go when you need a good laugh. 

Dos Equis.  No I don't drink, but I think this guy's funny.

Problem is, is that when I get into a deep quilting mode, I go days not seeing anyone :)   . . . maybe that was too much information.

This just makes me happy.

Sorry I couldn't make it bigger.  If you click on the picture, it will take you to the original link which is bigger.

Our oldest daughter announced several weeks ago, that she's getting married in late October.  Yip . . . a 5 week engagement.  We're very happy for them and we love her fiance.  Needless to say,   I'm not getting too much quilting done right now.  

Do you pin with a purpose?  I'd love to learn from any ideas you have.  If you don't pin and want to start . . . like my geekie son says when I ask for help, "goggle it".  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wip - ship it!

Although this play quilt has been finished for a few weeks for my niece, it is STILL being considered a "Work in Progress", because it is STILL sitting on my table waiting to be shipped.  Note to self . . .  put it on today's "to do" list.

These pictures show a little better the raggy method for binding play quilts.  It alleviates the hand sewing at the end, plus, gives a nice frayed edge.  You can read the tutorial for the raggy binding method here.

If you use the raggy method, don't forget to allow yourself twice the fabric.  When cutting, your strips will be 4 inches wide instead of 2 1/4.  

Look how this binding frayed up after washing :)  It's flannel and has a loose weave to it.  


Monday, October 1, 2012

Round Top favorite finds

Last week I visited Round Top, Texas for it's semi-annual Antique Show, actually, the show is this week, but they were setting up last week, and there was plenty to be found.   You will find miles and miles of tents filled with antique dealers from all over the US.  I couldn't believe the prices!  Some of my favorite finds were:

antique wooden cow bell, (not sure how authentic that is cuz I saw one today in a Ballard Designs catalog . . .  wrought iron quilt rack . . .

industrial metal M 

An old door knob . . .  I love the turquoise painted door.

This pot from the Mediterranean area is well over 100 years old, . . . cool, huh?

This column topper is going to be fun for decorating, but it was made in China :)

Another pot.

watering can

Not only do I have some fun new things, but I've got the home decor bug.  You know what they say, every 7 years you need an update :)