Friday, June 14, 2013

hexagon quilt tutorial

This is my first hexagon quilt.  I was forced to make it . . . had to step out of my box . . . .  I'm not one for fussy work, or directions for that matter.  But I'm glad we've crossed that bridge.  It was a piece of cake.

It's not a true "finish it up Friday" but I've got 6 quilts going right now in all sorts of stages.  This is more of a wip.


Part 1 - Quilting
Baste together your front back ground fabric to your back.
Baby size 50" x 42" (I like that size, no piecing)

Quilt to your liking:

Part 2 - The Hexagons

Cut yourself a template from an old file (card stock weight).

Press your fabrics, cut around your template, leaving 1/2 inch on each sides.

Leave the template in the hexi while you press (w/ starch).

. . . nice stack of hexies.

Now to attach your hexies. The trick is to get them all centered correctly. 
Mark the center horizontal and vertical centers of your quilt.

First, lay a row of hexies on your horizontal mid line.  You can choose your favorite applique method, or use the directions below.

Second, lay a row of hexies on your vertical mid line, attach.  Continue the process of attaching rows of hexies vertically, leaving 1/2 an inch between each one.

Pin a row of hexies in place.

Baste down with a large stitch.

Baste 1 or 2 rows at a time, max.  

Sew along the edge of each hexi.  My advice is to go slow.  I free motion quilted them on,  less turning of your quilt that way.

For a nice finish, fish your strings through your quilt.  


The hexies on the left are sewn down I still have some on the right.  And you can see where I experimented with some quilting on the gray hexi on the right but I like them plain.


Friday, June 7, 2013

basting skyfall

How do you eat an elephant? . . .

Kingsize "skyfall"  has been sitting, hanging in a closet for months, waiting to be basted.    A funny thought . . . how many elephants are there hanging in closets, waiting to be . . . . well, anyways . . .  

I wanted to have a "finish" for today so, I decided that today, Texas heat in June, on my driveway, was the day to baste my skyfall, KINGSIZE no less quilt top.

So here I am, on my driveway, hugging any shade that I have left.  My raw knees remind me that yesterday I woke up and decided that instead of going to Curves, I would clean the kitchen grout.

And there you have it.  My finish for the day, week, month!  kingsize, "skyfall", basted and ready for quilting.

You can read about the making of skyfall herehere and about the naming of it (you'll love that part) here.