Thursday, June 14, 2018

flowering snowball

I'm so excited about this beautiful finish!!

This 100+ year old home is a couple miles from where we live, and made a perfect back drop for a photo shoot. 

The family has lived and farmed this land for a century now.  The middle school across the street bares the name of it's previous owner.  

When I saw this pattern, I just couldn't help myself.  All other projects sprawled out in the sewing room 1/2 of the upstairs were put on hold  . . .

while a piece of EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FABRIC I OWN was pulled out temporarily for a quick snip

including a lot of heather ross and other favorites.

It's quilting is very simple . . .  in the ditch, and through the centers.  I'm noticing more snuggling going on with quilts less quilted, they're softer.

I love my Sweet Sixteen by HQ.  I've had it almost 10 years now and have been very happy.

I centered the template where I wanted to on the fabric then used my 28mm rotary cutter, then marked each of those little dots, which came in handy when assembling. 

72 x 84 inches finished BEFORE washing.
templates - Baycreek Quilting Products - 12 inch template
bamboo batting? (I can't remember, but I'm trying to use bamboo for quilts that I keep)