Saturday, October 31, 2015

my small world - Blog Festival -Nov 2015

my small world is my original design with inspiration coming from Jen Kingwell.  It's made with left-overs (orphan blocks) of all my favorite quilts, as well as a lot of my favorite fabrics.

It was such a fun process.  I just kept moving pieces around until I liked what I saw.

I'm not very good at following patterns (or rules for that matter, ha ha).  I often change things around and end up with extra pieces which land in a bucket called "left-overs".

these blocks are from african safari

these star blocks in sweetwater's reunion are left over from this quilt

log cabin squares from monaluna ellie

these awesome arrows, come from this quilt

more stars from here

these stair step mini blocks are made from this quilt

these pinwheels are left over from this quilt.

this piece came from a bunting 

 Heather Ross sightings  . . .

It will be fun to make another "my small world" a few years from now with more blocks I've collected.  Thanks to JenKingwell for the inspiration.  A pattern is now available if you want to make Jen's "my small world".  It's beautiful.

linked up to the festival . . . actually, I missed the deadline so, go vote for your favorites here.

Monday, October 26, 2015

christmas tree quilt wip

I love the simpleness of Amanda Jean's trees.  

check out this modern background essentials by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic, I never thought I'd be drooling over geometry, or is it algebra?  

I'm so excited about this quilt!!!  I think I'm going to mix some stars with it.