Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heather Ross mix

57 x 74 inches (washed)
a mix of Heather Ross fabrics
9 inch squares
quilting is "orange peel"
batting is bamboo

my name is Linda, and I'm a Heather Ross fabric hoarder.  

My husband asked me who I was giving this quilt to.  I said, "are you kidding?"  I can't even calculate how much your hard earned money this cost you :)

This rare piece was one of those early ebay experiences where you don't realize what your fingers just did till you have to pay for it.  It one took 3 family members simultaneously bidding to win it.  (I made them swear in a blood pact to never repeat what I paid.)

this piece came off a pj bottom from TJ Max

princess and the pea

 Heather draws from the mind of a 6 year old . . . don't ya just love it!?!

the pansies are still looking great and the maiden hair fern is multiplying. . .

I learned how to quilt this orange peel design HERE.

the VW buses were also from pj's 

 and so was the tag :)

Do you have any Heather Ross?