Wednesday, September 25, 2013

round top finds/halloween runner

wip this week:

. . . finishing up several halloween table runners this week:

This one is made with my coveted "witches' undies".  

Love a strippy binding.

 I've been to the market in Round Top, TX several days this week,
here are my finds:
large bottle

large copper pot

garden decor

metal bench and awesome pail.


I'd like to give away my Halloween scraps, which is mostly Sweetwater's "Boo Crew".  If you'd like them, leave me a nice comment.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

seeing squares

First, I have to show off my daughter-in-law's first pieced quilt (all piecing done by her).  Amazing, isn't it?  I'm pretty proud of her.  They lived in our home for a few months and . . . BING! she caught the bug! . . . imagine that.

We just finished hand sewing the binding.  You can learn more about the pattern here.

Love the back.

Here's what's on my sewing table this week.  Table runners with my coveted "witch's undies".

And I'm making a couple more with these cute guys for the grandkids, who might not quite understand the undies . . .

Butterscotch chip (name chosen) squares are ready to sew together . . .

My best fabric find for the week are these "etching building plans" for pillow shams.  

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

comma top finished

Comma quilt top finished, and sent to NAM (Northwest Assistance Ministries).  I won't get to see it finished, they will tie it.  But some unfortunate soul who has gone through NAM's recovery program will receive it.

Here is an earlier post with the Double Slice Layer Cake tutorial.

 The fabric is:

Tonight, I pulled out my Butterscotch and Roses from Fig Tree and whipped up some log cabins. 



 I still have a row all the way around to go before made final decisions about the design.  I'm going between diamonds and arrows.  Which do you prefer?


You may be addicted to quilting if you lay awake at night thinking of your wip's or you're not able to turn the motor in your brain off, or you find yourself turning the light back on after your hubby's asleep and you order ridiculous amounts of fabric.

I have found a great solution to my quilt insomnia.  I like to read fiction at night.  Sometimes I read the same pages 3 or 4 times because I'm in that "in and out" stage of falling asleep.  Grisham is an easy read, he writes a clean book, and I enjoy his dry sense of humor.  It's not something important that I have to remember for the morning, and it helps me to fall asleep.

I have an extra copy of "The Racketeer".  If you'd like it, leave me a nice comment, and I just might send it to you . . . minus the glasses.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

wip halloween

On my work table today:

Table runners made from sweetwater's boo crew.  I'm waiting for the mail man to bring a few more pieces to this line . . . the PURPLE!!

I'd love to fit in this scrap of "witch's underwear":

Another wip:  a design with this pattern to make with my blue from the island of skye.  The math is killing me!  I keep having to change the sizes of the squares so it fits on the size bed I want . . .

 BUT THE FAVORITE THING ON MY WORK TABLE TODAY . . . is what the mail man brought me yesterday.  How did I miss this line?  this one is called Architextures.

 Just so cute !!!  I stumbled up on it HERE at Red Pepper Quilts.  She shows the whole line in that post.

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