Friday, December 8, 2023

Talavera Christmas

...this is what your tree looks like ...
when you've downsized 40 years of accumulation and your 15 boxes of 'Christmas' goes down to 3.  

The best part of that? you now have 3 boxes of 
YOUR VERY FAVORITE Christmas treasures :)

Gone are the ornaments made in kindergarten that were so carefully wrapped and stored from year to year.  

   After 40 years of Christmas trees, this is my favorite.... a Charlie Brown tree with white lights and cobalt painted talavera ornaments... 
so simple ...  so elegant.

Do you remember Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts?  the center of the blogging world with "linky parties" back 8 or 10 years ago?  
She had a minimalist style, like this tree pattern.  You can read all about this project in this post.

The idea for my Christmas kitchen towel is from Sweetwater.   I still have it because no one was allowed to use it :) 
I made a couple posts, with pictures, of the process I followed.  You can find them here and here


Our Christmas count-down bags are a recent add-on.  We take turns filling the bags with a gifts for each other.  

These fabric stars make a nice minimalist gift.  I like the instructions on this post the best

This quilt has a fun story.

You can learn about my favorite quilt in this post.

Does a minimalist display more than 1 quilt ?
I'm giving myself permission :)

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