Monday, December 8, 2014

daysail mini

I had to find something fun to make with my daysail fabric line by Bonnie and Camille, due out in February 2015, click here to be notified when it's available through

"Slice" by "Miss Rosie Quilts" was just the trick.  If you hurry, she has a moving discount in her shop right now, use the code "moving".  It takes 2 mini charm packs to make any of these mini patterns (SEE GIVE AWAY BELOW)

 I'm hesitant to put the spray adhesive onto anything that won't get tons of washing, so I basted this mini quilt before quilting.

 I wanted to quilt the same design as the picture on the pattern cover.   Each rectangle has a crescent moon quilted in such a direction that it mimics the pinwheel pattern in the quilt.

Start on the left in the middle of your quilt.  Pick a row and moving to the right, quilt the first 1/2 of the crescent moon shape in the first rectangle.  When you get to the bottom of the rectangle, you will see the next rectangle waiting for you as shown below.

when you get to the end of the row, start back along the same row you just finished, and quilt the second part creating the crescent shape until you get back to the start of that row.  Then move down to the next row and continue.  You will have to get creative along the bottom, following along the seams.  You will find that if you follow this pattern the quilting through out will flow nicely, also allowing you to stitch in the ditch all around the edge before the negative (white) border starts.

 This wide match-stick pattern was quilted through out the border, never changing direction.

The pattern called for a super skinny binding, cutting a strip 1 7/8th inch wide.  

GIVEAWAY:   CLOSED. . . thank you for your comments!!  Congratulations, Jani.  I'll be emailing you.

I have 2 mini charm packs (mini quilt pattern requirement) of the marmalade line by bonnie and camille by Moda.   If you'd like to win it, leave me a comment telling me how you baste your quilts before quilting, do you use spray? or pins? or some other secret method?

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Friday, December 5, 2014

fig tree linens

After several years of playing with fig tree fabric, I can finally declare that I have a guest room with fig tree linens.

You can find a pattern for these pillows in Joanna's new book found here.

euro pillows made with etching plans (not fig tree fabric)

you can read about "chain reaction in figs" here.

those pillows are basically a pillowcase with ruffles on the end  . . .  easy peasy
Do you know how to make ruffles with fishing line?  it will make your day bright!  look at this post.

I don't think I've posted this bedspread yet.  It's a log cabin in fig tree.  post coming soon.