Friday, May 8, 2015

chopin, in memory of Jordan


One can not express the feelings of sorrow felt when a dear friend's child passes away.

The afternoon of Jordan's viewing, I awoke from a nap with the image in my head of log cabins in these deep rich fabrics from my stash.

It came together in a few days.
The negative space has quilted feathers and tiling.  The logs are stitched in the ditch.

This quilt was made in memory of Jordan, who was 1 semester away from finishing a piano performance major.   The design, straight predictable lines of a log cabin, read Jordan, pure and simple.  The deep, rich colors read his love for the beauty and richness in the classical pieces he played.

He was a brilliant musician.  His friend made a youtube video about Jordan that you can see here, where he's playing his favorite Chopin piece.

Rest in peace, Jordan.