Friday, December 4, 2015

christmas tree wall hanging

a quick finish was in need for my emotional well-being, so since my Christmas quilt is so far behind, I made a wall hanging featuring amanda jean's tree pattern with an extra tree:

Also on my sewing table, dish towels (inspired by amanda jean as well). 
post coming next week.  

I recently made a virtual visit to stitchesngiggles4U etsy shop.  Lori likes to have competitive prices in her shop, so she's always got the best deals!  

Her Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt book is the cheapest I've seen @$22.45.  Hurry , she only has a few left.

I feel an intense trader joe phase coming on with these products causing rash hoarding and last minute compulsive dashes to the "green" grocery store NOT around the corner.  and everybody knows that anything from trader joe's has no, zip, nada calories, right?

chic pizza with kale and butternut squash.  light and yummy.  Last week I was spending a day traveling.  I cooked one of these puppies up in the morning, cooled it, cut it up, and put it in a plastic ziplock and into my "personal carry-on" item for when I need a quick "drug of choice" for travel anxiety.  I could just feel my co-airline passengers eyeing my chic pizza.

Another great lunch:  nuke these wraps for a minute, and dip them in the most amazing pesto vinaigrette.  This meal is fresh so eat it the day of purchase or soon after.

these yummy corn tamales will melt in your mouth.  #todiefor  #stockyourfreezer



  1. Such a cute little tree! I love red and white and quick little finishes are a lot of fun, especially this time of the year!

  2. Amanda Jean has the best ideas--and your tree mini is really cute!

  3. Love your little tree .... I think I need a quick and easy finish because I don't seem to be ticking too many things of my to do list. I just bought Farm Girl Vintage this week from a UK supplier - definitely not that cheap!

  4. I think that tree is ADORABLE!!!

  5. I want a mini tree now. Very cute!

  6. Your tree is lovely. And it looks like you have had a lot of fun shopping - both the quilty and food sort. Wish we had Trader Joes here. Don't think they deliver to Aus.

  7. I just ordered some plain tea towels from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Thanks for reminding me about Amanda Jean's tutorial. The hand quilting on your tree just makes it.


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