Saturday, September 3, 2016

value quilt

This value quilt went very fast.  The squares are 8 inches.  It's a great scrap project, even the whites are scraps from my "whites drawer" (it was nice to get rid of those random unlabeled whites).    This was a great option for a charity quilt.

The HST are made by paring a print square with a white square.  With right sides together, draw a line from one corner diagonally to the other corner.  Sew 1/4 inch seam on both sides of the line.  Cut along the drawn line, down the middle of both seams.  You will now have 2 HST.  Open and press.

68 x 85 washed
val and co fabrics (and a few others thrown in)
cut 8 1/2 inch squares

Design shamelessly copied from Confessions of a serial quilter.

finish it up Friday


  1. Great idea to go scrappy with the whites also! Wonderful finish!

  2. I agree great way to use those whites.

  3. Perfect way to use up some scraps! I really like the yellow for binding.

  4. It looks great! I have always loved her fabrics, and they look amazing in this quilt!

  5. Great pattern, colors, technique - beautiful quilt!And you used scraps?!!! Love it!


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