Friday, December 22, 2017

59 and four quarters

One day I was wearing my favorite apron, when I realized that if I didn't make something else out of this cute fabric, my world would be lost.

so I went on a hunt . . .

And found a couple jelly rolls.  

I had a scrappy log cabin in mind . . .

I'm a little too OCD for true scrappiness . . .  I have to have SOME order. . .

I wanted some chunky lines 

This is where this quilt got bottle-necked for a few months . . . on the dining room table, waiting for the chunky lines.  

Someone in our house just turned 59 and four quarters !! (can't say that other number :)

 That is "T-bone" in the back ground, he's probably in the freezer by now :)

quilt stats:
76 x 84 (washed) - made to fit a twin bed
top - log cabin with 2 1/2 inch strips
blocks - 10 "
fabric - "road 15" by sweetwater, and a few others thrown in
back - scraps for the blocks and "ink" by Zen Chic (gray and black)
quilting - fmq random spirals
chunky stitching - No. 8 in white
batting is 80/20 comfort by Winline

by crazy mom quilts


  1. What a great quilt! I love that you combined chunky and free motion stitching. The fabric line is fab, too :)

  2. Happy birthday to the person who just turned 59 and 4 quarters! They were the recipient of one AWESOME quilt!!

  3. Way to go, girl! This is a great use of those jellies!

  4. Log cabin was a great way to show off these fabrics. Your bovine related comments cracked me up. I live in a town where many people would not find that amusing, but when you grow up around farms and ranches you know where your food comes from.


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