Sunday, April 11, 2021

hamstring nature postage quilt

 I was asked to make a quilt with the colors of nature.  So I went to my pictures of Alaska.  We visited several regions of the state, with a variety of landscapes.  Some snowed upon, some not.
The vast waters mirrored endless images and colors of the land and sky.

The sunrises were especially spectacular.

endlessness . . . . . 

We were there on the coming edge of winter, giving the air a cool crispness, and an emotional intoxicating quietness.

The magnitude of the enormous mountains and valleys was spiritually moving.

What joy it brings to see the creativity of my maker, knowing that I too love to create

I found my colors and these were the fabrics that I chose.  

About the time that I was starting this quilt, we escaped the Texas summer heat, and spent a month in San Miguel de Allende, a charming colonial-era city in Mexico's central highlands . . .  and my favorite place to visit in Mexico.

On the quaint cobblestone streets, one can find a variety of bustling markets, with vendors selling their handmade wares in all sorts of colors and fashions.  

The city is known for it's baroque Spanish architecture, thriving arts scene and cultural events.  We happened to be there during the month of the Independence Day celebrations, including lively parades depicting native traditions, costumes, painted skin, and other festivities displaying life from the different regions of Mexico.  The entertainment was extraordinary.  The food was exquisite.  One night I ordered octopus.  Soon, placed before me was a WHOLE octopus the size of my dinner plate!

 We rented a colonial style house and I set up my work station with my Singer Featherweight on the beautiful wood dining table with curved wrought iron legs . . .

And my ironing station in the kitchen. . . so pretty and inviting.

 I spent the mornings up on the veranda reading and studying, enjoying the colorful views, the filtered sun and aromatic breezes.  The afternoon brought cooling showers which gave everything a fresh cleaning, and the perfect time to sew.

The postage quilt pattern had been decided upon.

Before we knew it, the month was gone, and we were headed back to Texas, with all intentions of returning to San Miguel the following year (it never happened)

My HQ Sweet sixteen is still my favorite machine to quilt on, because of the homemade (not made in China), organic feel it gives my quilting.

A tight straight line quilting pattern going only in 1 direction had been requested, but this quilt soon started to shrink into a long skinny quilt.  So, I had to alter the quilting pattern.  I staggered the tight lines and added lines going the opposite direction until it was the shape that I was looking for.  

quilt stats

aprox size  63x80, washed

batting - Winline 100% Bamboo, 6 oz. (a heavier weight for colder climates), renewable, breathable, durable fibers with anti-bacterial properties.

quilt - postage pattern

fabrics - various textured Konas, wovens and linen essex, depicting the colors of nature

quilting pattern -staggering tight and loose straight lines

thread - Aurifil 2890

On the back, I quilted the last line of a metta (positive energy and kindness towards others) practice:

"... and may you live with an unguarded heart"

The blue binding gives a coolness and adds a nice balance.

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