Thursday, December 9, 2021

Tapestry ... a story of 2 sisters

This quilt is titled Tapestry.  I made it for the annual auction held by CHOICE Humanitarian to help raise funds for their projects for the upcoming year.

It's brilliant, rich contrasts remind me of the diversity of people
 from all walks of life ...

 Tapestry... so fitting, for as children of God, we all come to the tapestry of life with our own color and texture, and woven together ...we make a tapestry.

 We all come from different parts of the world, have different beliefs, different cultures ...

different needs, different experiences, so different...
 and yet so similar.

We all seek happiness and joy.

We all need water, food, shelter and protection.  
We all need to be nurtured, and to feel loved.

We all want what is best for our children and grandchildren.


This is Angela.  She is part of my tapestry.  She is homeless and suffers from many illnesses.  Life has been hard for her.  I send her loving kindness ... and she helps me remember just how tender and fragile my life is.  

Here is my quilt at CHOICE Humanitarian's silent auction, 
all 4,480, one inch squares...

And here is my sister who has taken many humanitarian trips over the past 9 years with CHOICE.   Her service represents her 4,480 one inch squares which she has contributed for the benefit of humanity.  

AND, she purchased this dragon fly batik when she was living in Africa over 40 years ago.  She has kept it all these years.  How fitting that it was the perfect piece for the backing to this quilt.  

finished size 57" x 75"
pattern design by Karen Snyder
All People Quilt Magazine - May 2016 - can be purchased through
4,480 one inch squares
batting is 80/20 Warm and Natural
quilting is free motion, Bishop's Fan design, on an HQ Sweetsixteen 
aprox. 130 hours to complete

It looks like a pretty daunting finish of a quilt ...

 But if you follow the directions 

and get a little help from your friends ...
(the mathematical quilting kind)

and if you have a little patience ... okay, a LOT of patience ...

it all works out in the end.  

 No ruler Bishop's Fan quilting method

all quilting threads have been knotted and fished back into the quilt.

And how fitting that my sister and her husband had the winning bid.  She said that she wanted it because it was a tale of our two lives.  

photo credits:  Mary Lee Call and Julee Bateman, both on the board of CHOICE.
photoshoot of Tapestry Quilt located in Soldier Hollow, Utah at beautifully restored  Tate Barn.


  1. What a lovely quilt and a beautiful story ! 💗

  2. This is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful story. I was so happy to see a new blog post from you this morning!

  3. I love this post and your beautiful quilt! We are so grateful to have it in our home. Every time I walk by it I think of you--your talent, creativity, patience, and the love we share!

  4. Thank you, Mary Lee, I thought the same things of you as I worked on it.

  5. This post was so heartwarming that it moved me to tears this morning as I read it. I am so glad to see activity on your blog and this post was so inspiring it has lit a spark in me to be more giving. Thank you.

    1. it's good to hear from you, Brenda. I hope you are well. and I bet you already are a giving person :)

  6. Tears are streaming down my cheeks! What a beautiful tribute, gorgeous quilt, and perfect winner!


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