Friday, April 27, 2012

bunting gift bag tutorial

This week I went to baby showers for my new grand-babies, a boy and a girl.  These gift bags are easy to put together and make a big statement.  They add a nice touch when giving a quilt.

girl gift bag

boy gift bag

Pick a few favorite fabrics from your scraps.  Iron on heat 'n' bond to the back (only for 2 seconds).  Draw your pattern on to the fabric you've backed with heat 'n' bond, and cut out.  Peel off paper back.  Iron onto bag (again, only for 2 seconds).  DONE!  How hard can that be?  Especially the bunting.   Keep the fabric you've added heat 'n' bond to with your gift bags and your favorite templates.  Better yet, make up a few.  

I bought mine from Joann Fabrics.

If you get a gift from me,  I can almost guarantee that it will be given to you in a white gift bag . . . . . one option, that's it, no more.  Don't need to waste any brain cells on which wrapping paper or gift bag to choose from.  No bulky rolls stacked in the closet etc, no quick trips for a bow.  No unsightly cupboard with re-gift wrappings.   I purchase several sizes of white (paper brown works nice too) in mass quantities when they are on sale.  I like universal.

 You can accent with colored tissue paper depending on the event, holiday or gift.  If you get a gift from me in a white bag with white tissue, then you should be concerned.

In the gift bags were:

 This girl play quilt came out so cute!  I'll have to get a picture of the finished product.

 Play quilts are so easy.   I'll do a post with the instructions on a rag binding.  It's so cute and fun!!  and best of all  . . . FAST!

Someone told me recently that I need to pick a name that I want my grandchildren to call me.  I've never really thought about it, but I have since been paying attention to what other grandmothers answer to.  I don't even know how you'd spell some of them, and I'm not sure I wanna answer for the next several decades to some non-native phonemes from an ancient mountain dialect.  Then, I have to pass the male version by my husband :0

Got any ideas?  Please share!!


  1. What a great idea to do your own gift bags with Heat 'n Bond and fabric. I am sure I will be using this idea in the future. I can see decorating the bag to coordinate with the gift inside. Love it!

    Good luck choosing a name for yourself! When my first daughter was born, my parents wanted to be "Grammy and Grampy." My daughter learned to say "Grampy" with no problem but somehow, "Grammy" always came out as "Sammy." Go figure. Nine years later, my parents are still called "Sammy and Grampy" - usually shortened to "Sam and Gramp." My husband's parents wanted to just be "Grandma and Grandpa" but once again, the kids decided "Mama and Papa" was the way to go for them.

  2. SO darling! I'm crazy about anything with bunting, so those bags work for me. Love the little fishy onesie too!

  3. My mother in law wants to eb known as nana. I find it really difficult to say and am amused to distraction how my husband says it. I'm looking forward to see what the wee man comes up with when he's old enough to talk. Congrats on granny-dom!

  4. I've seen fabric sewn on cards before but I love this idea of doing I on gift bags! So cute! Thanks for coming to the sew & tell party!

  5. wow you are getting ready for baby. You have lots of cute ideas. I will have to remember some for the next friends baby.

  6. Brilliant idea for personalizing the gift bags! I use brown bags and I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!

    I know exactly what you mean: I chose "Nana" - my husband is Grandpa (he really wanted Granddad but that didn't take:)

  7. What a darling post and great ideas! I will definitely be making the gift bags.

    My kids named their grandparents. It's funny the things they come up with and they're cute!

    Go BYU!

  8. My daughter chose our names knowing I wasn't feeling 'grandma' so we r Nana andPapa, I love it


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