Monday, September 17, 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival - kitten around quilt

It must be that time of year, for the temperatures are changing and the acorns are lining the streets, that time of year when I can go all over the world and see the latest creations in quilting . . . all while sitting at home in my pj's, eating my favorite cereal.  No tickets to buy, no long lines to wait in, no miles of walking.

When our grand children turn 4, I like to make a quilt for them. By that age in their life they usually have some sort of obsession.  

 When I saw the pattern for this kitty quilt, I fell in love with it, and knew it was the perfect pattern for our 4 year old kitty loving grand daughter so we went to go buy fabric together.

No "winging it" on this pattern . . . I had to carefully follow instructions.  Not so easy when you're "instruction impaired" :) 

whiskers are paper pieced...

For this project, I used these design boards that I made a few years back.  Each kitty had over 60 pieces, and it sure helped to keep them apart as I assembled them production style.

 Lori Holt has a great tutorial on youtube if you want to make yourself some.   They help keep pieces separate and are so handy when you're limited in space, because you can stack them.  

At the last minute, I decided that I didn't like the dark kitty on the bottom.  His eyes weren't showing up and he wasn't blending in with the other kitties, so I switched him out.

favorite kitty ...
I love the contrast of the gingham and the dark pink yarn ball.

Search #kittenaroundquilt on IG to see others making this quilt.

LOOOOOve the triangle border.
It took a long time at a point when I was ready to be done, so I'm glad that I pushed through and made the extra effort . . . WELL worth it!!

Who can resist the waste created from making flying geese?  Not me!!  I sewed all those HST together and put them on the back.

Do you see the cross-weave pattern created? (try squinting)
I got the idea here from Carrie Nelson's blog, aka "Miss Rosie Quilts" (been waiting for years to shamlessly copy Carrie's pillow!!)

My new "go to" fast quilting design???  modern loops.  So easy and FAST!!!  All you have to do is mark a line across your quilt every 6 inches or so .

aprox 52 x 74, washed
fabrics are from everywhere
back is flannel (Hanover)
batting - warm and white
gray is Kona Ash
pattern is "Kitten Around Quilt" by Pen and Paper Patterns
quilting is "modern loops"

You can find the pattern here

 (4 yr old kitty quilt lover)

Now, I hope you have blocked out your week and plan on kicking back and strolling through all the entries in Amy's quilt festival.  Thank you, Amy!!


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  1. What an adorable quilt! The bad kitty/good kitty blocks made me giggle. Happy quilting!! :)

  2. I love this! Everything about it is perfectly adorable.

  3. Great quilt. I love the cute kitties and the fabrics you chose.

  4. such a cute quilt ! and photo!!

  5. A gift of love that she will treasure forever!

  6. I've seen that pattern (and so far resisted far...) and love the quilt you've made! I feel a little badly for the bad kitty who got left out, though. And I love to find other quilters who are "instruction impaired"...I do try to read them, but if there aren't photos, I get frustrated very quickly...sometimes I draw my own...and if there are photos, good luck getting me to read anything! Generally patterns turn out okay, though...

  7. Very cute. I think the gingham kitty is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I adore this pattern by Pen & Paper Patterns and your take is super cute! Well done!

  9. Adorable! I know your granddaughter will treasure it!

  10. Great job - but sixty pieces! Yikes!

  11. I do like all of these sweet kitties; great that you switched out the dark one even though you went through a lot of work. What a special quilt to make for a special granddaughter.

  12. A lot of work, but so cute! Good finish!


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